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Getting Started

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There's never been a better time to get started

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never played golf or haven’t picked up a club since your school days or an almost-forgotten holiday - if you fancy giving it a go Get into golf is the place to start.

Beginner courses are designed to teach you everything you need to begin playing golf. Run by PGA (professional golf association) professionals, you will have fun learning the basics and get a feel for whether you like the game.

Group lessons are the ideal way for beginners to get into the sport. You’ll enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the taster sessions, the chance to meet other budding golfers and most importantly you’ll meet new people and have fun.

As well as an introduction to the game, you’ll learn how to warm up, hold the club, take a swing and get the ball as close as you can to the hole. You’ll also learn a bit about the rules and the golf lingo – soon you’ll be happily chatting away to friends about the ‘fairway, rough, divot or bunker’.

Once you’ve got the hang of how to hold the club, your instructor will help you perfect your technique. They will show you how to play in groups, keep score and play on a course. They will also explain about all the ways you can play golf as well as giving you information about club membership and follow-on coaching.

At the magority of activities equipment will be provided. All you have to do is turn up on the day in comfortable clothing and flat shoes, such as trainers.

There are lots of different types of Get into golf activities. Here a snapshot of some of the sessions on offer…

Taster session
Short session, usually an hour. Find out more about the sport, tour the golfing club, meet a golfing professional, Q&A session, learn the basics and hit some balls in a mini-coaching session.

Beginner course
A step-by-step guide to the basics, from grip and posture to golf etiquette and how to play a full game. Vary across the country, but usually five weeks for £25. Some women-only courses available.

Learn golf in a day
This is usually a five-hour course, costing £25. The same beginner skills as on the five-week course, but dovetailed into a single day.

Improvers course
Build on the skills you learned in the beginner sessions and start playing regular rounds. Meet other aspiring golfers you can team up with. Usually five-weeks, for £25. Some women-only sessions available.

To find an activity near you go to  Learn & Play 

The Get into golf campaign, supported by Sport England and funded by the National Lottery, is now making the game more affordable and welcoming than ever before