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Summer of Golf in Warwickshire

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never played golf or haven’t picked up a club since school or a long-ago holiday – this summer is the perfect time to get started across Warwickshire.

You will have fun, meet new people and learn a new skill while keeping active and healthy.

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  • Is Golf for me

    Is Golf for Me? With lots of different ways to play, here's why golf is a great game for everybody - whatever their age, background or budget. Plus all you need to know about costs and equipment.

  • Golf lesson

    Free weekly golf lessons across three venues in Warwickshire As well as an introduction to the game, you'll learn how to hold the club as well as how to stand and take a swing along with chipping and putting. You'll also learn a bit about the rules and the golf lingo - soon you'll be out on the...

  • Three offers to get you golfing this summer

    Three venues to choose from This summer England Golf making it easier than ever before to learn to play golf by taking the game from its traditional golf club settings out to would-be players in parks and clubs around Warwickshire.

  • Play and Reward Loyalty card

    Play and Reward Loyalty Card Collect a reward stamp each time you play or have coaching with Jason at any of the three venues to cash in for a host of further golfing benefits.

  • Man having golf lesson

    Beginner courses It doesn't matter if you've never played golf or haven't picked up a club since school or a long-ago holiday you can get started through the range of beginner courses on offer across Warwickshire.