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Girls Golf Rocks encourages girls to learn and play golf in a fun and friendly way that rocks!

It’s for girls aged 5-18 and it runs in 21 counties across England, offering free taster sessions, girls-only coaching courses and the chance to get out and play.

Here’s how you can get started…

Taster Session

Try a free taster session, it’s a great way to find out if golf is the game for you.

You’ll get together with other beginner girls to relax and play fun games. PGA professional coaches will lead the activities and Girls Golf Rocks Ambassadors from county girls’ squads will be on hand to help and encourage you. Any equipment youneed will be provided. You’ll also have plenty of time to chat and make newfriends over refreshments.

You can wear what you like as long as it’s comfy and keeps you warm. Trainers arefine for footwear.

If you enjoy yourself then come and join us for girls-only group coaching.

Beginner Coaching Groups

You’ll join a group of other girls and learn the basics during five weekly, one-hour sessions. You’ll also have the chance to get out on the golf course and play in a team alongside the Girls Golf Rocks Ambassadors. Coaching courses start from as little as £14!

After five weeks you’ll be fitted for a FREE US Kids 7 iron to help you continue to play golf.

Where can you get involved?

Here’s a list of the counties which offer Girls Golf Rocks activities. Just enter your postcode into our activity finder to find your nearest club:

Bedfordshire Essex Oxford
Berkshire Gloucestershire Staffordshire
Buckinghamshire Kent Sussex
Cheshire Leicestershire Surrey
Cumbria Norfolk Warwickshire
Dorset Northumberland Wiltshire
Durham Nottinghamshire Yorkshire

Girls Golf Rocks on Tour!

Come on Tour and enjoy a series of fun playing days with other beginner girls. You’ll play on short or par three courses and Girls Golf Rocks Ambassadors will help you to get round. The Tours are running in eight counties and they’re open to anyone involved with Girls Golf Rocks and to all other beginner girls in the county.

For more information please click the county links below:

Buckinghamshire Durham Norfolk
Cheshire Essex Nottinghamshire
Dorset Gloucestershire

Want to know more? Contact us at

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Footnote: Girls Golf Rocks is a joint project run by England Golf and the Golf Foundation with the support of county associations.


Thu, 15th February 2018

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