Couple playing golf

Frequently asked questions 

What do I wear?
You don’t need to buy and special clothes or shoes when you begin. Just turn up in comfortable clothing, such as tracksuit or leggings, that you can move around in easily. Wear flat-soled shoes, such as trainers.

Do I need to bring any equipment?
No, all equipment is provided for you at the lesson.

Can I bring my own clubs?
Yes you can bring any clubs you already own, although you are unlikely to need a full set of clubs at the first lesson.

Can I play golf if I am left-handed?
Yes, golf is suitable for everybody. Your course tutor will have a range of clubs you can try, including ones for left-handers.

Can I play if I have a disability?
Yes, golf is a game for all because it’s an adaptable sport. You can play golf whatever your fitness level or ability. It provides not only a competitive challenge but is great for fitness , socialising and being active with friends and family.

Who else will be on the course?
Your fellow beginners are likely to be a range of ages and experience, both male and female unless you are on a women-only course. Some will have done courses before but most will have hardly picked up a club before. Lots of participants want to learn so they can play with their partner, friends or family and some will have been given vouchers as a present. Many are just keen to have a go at something new.

What will the beginner course be like?
You will meet new people and have fun whilst learning the basics of the game from a PGA professional. They will take you through a step-by-step guide covering everything from grip and posture to how to swing and use the different types of club. It doesn’t matter how good you are or if you prefer to learn slowly or fast, you can simply take it all at your own pace.

What if I can’t hit the ball?
It is natural to be a little apprehensive when doing something new, all of the sessions are taken by a PGA professional who will make you feel welcome and relaxed. There is absolutely no pressure and you can take the course at your own pace. Nobody will judge you and you can take your time to have a go at hitting – even if it takes you a long time to master the basic skills. However, most people are surprised at how quickly they start to master the basics of grip and hitting.

What happens after the course?
There is a pathway to help you start playing golf which you can take at your own pace. If you want more time to master the very basics, you might want to repeat the beginner course – maybe several times. Otherwise, your PGA professional will let you know about follow-on courses that can take you through to the next stage. Some people get together with people they met on the course for practice at the driving range or to begin to play 9-holes. You can ease your way into playing games and taking out trial or full membership in your own time.

How do I get off the driving range and on to playing proper games?
Your PGA professional can help introduce you to playing on the golf course. Many golf clubs have members that are willing to help and support new golfers by taking them out for the first few times to show them how to play the course and introduce them to the club.