Beginner course

Golf Beginner course

Golf Beginner Course

Thinking about booking onto a Get into golf beginner course and not sure what to expect?

Here’s what happened when Alison signed up for five-week beginner course at Drive Time UK in Warrington with PGA professional Sean Bailey.

I must admit I was a bit apprehensive at the first session but when I arrived and found 10 other women all feeling the same. Soon we all relaxed as Sean Bailey our PGA professional introduced us all and made us feel incredibly welcome.

So here is what we learnt over the five weeks:

Week one
Was all about the basics of how to hold the club and having a go at hitting a few balls. It was relaxed, everybody felt at ease and there was plenty of time for conversation. It was great fun and I wasn’t as bad as I had expected to be.

Week two
I went to a bay and tried hitting a few balls with a 7-iron and it was surprisingly okay. Sean was watching us, but not making us feel like we were under scrutiny or being judged. He just came up every now and then and gave a few pointers to help improve your shot. He suggested I move a little closer to the ball to help me hit better.

He was great and called us into a group a couple of times to go through a few things that might help – but he didn’t single out any individual. I felt comfortable and not worried at all about how I was performing.

Week three
This week the course was looking at a new type of club - a driver. I loved this lesson because we spent it trying to hit the ball as hard as possible. It was fun. However, Sean pointed out that although hitting the ball a long way was good, it wasn’t everything and as a beginner it was more important to get technique correct first.

We had to hit without a ball to start with and learn to listen for a whoosh sound made by the club which signalled we had got the swing right. Then we tried with a ball. This week I felt more confident and chatted comfortably with the other beginners in the group.

Week four
Was all about the pitching wedge and the sand wedge clubs – the clubs you use to get out of trouble in rough terrain or sand bunkers. This was something totally different. It wasn’t about distance but about swinging technique and choosing the correct club.

The final week
This was my favourite week. I don’t have clubs of my own so I borrowed a set from Sean and we lined them all up from the shortest to the tallest. Next, we had to play two shots with each club, starting with the shortest and working our way up through about nine clubs each.

The course is finished now, but Sean has organised a drinks night at the centre where he plans to tell us about future opportunities. I gather that there are golf holidays on offer and more coaching which sound good.

I met a friendly group of women on the course and we’ve decided to carry on meeting on Monday nights at the driving range. Perhaps we will eventually play together at some point in the future.

To get started visit Learn & Play to find a beginner course near you.