Golf for juniors

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Golf is a great game for juniors

Golf can help boost children’s health and confidence as well as teaching them personal skills that will last a lifetime. It's a game the whole family can enjoy together.

The Golf Foundation offers children a chance to take part in the game – whatever their age, ability, background or fitness.

The Foundation works closely with 400 HSBC Golf Roots Centres (golf clubs, academies and driving ranges) run by PGA coaches with safeguarding polices and procedures in place, and many more junior-friendly golf venues. These centres operate outreach projects in schools and communities to first introduce the game to young people, before welcoming youngsters back for club coaching and support to play regular golf.

Activities are on offer across England with 650 golf clubs offering the Junior Golf Passport, an online and paper booklet learning programme – endorsed by the PGA. This teaches children everything about the game and is run by PGA professionals.

With lots of projects now on offer to help juniors get into golf and play for life, here are five reasons why golf is good for children…

Keeping active while having fun
Golf gets you moving more as you walk between holes, swing your clubs and carry your bag of clubs. It’s also fun and accessible, which means that children can exercise without feeling like it’s a chore.

Getting outdoors in the fresh air
Parents worry that their kids spend too much time indoors plugged into their digital devices. Golf is a great way to encourage them outside to spend time in green, healthy surroundings.

Connect with others
Golf is one of the most sociable and confidence-boosting games you can play. Everybody can play and it encourages children to meet and spend positive time with their peers, family and adults.

Learning new skills
Golf helps develop lifelong skills beyond simply hitting a ball into the hole. These include sportsmanship, working with and respecting others, leadership, listening and commitment.

A game for all
Whatever a child’s background, fitness, experience or ability – golf is for them. It’s great for sporty kids who want a new challenge. However, it’s equally suitable for a more tentative child who might dislike the more physical sports and wants to find a confidence-boosting sport of their own. It's a game the whole family can enjoy together.

To find out more about how children can get started visit Golf Foundation