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How do I find out about activities close to me?

Simply search using our activity finder. You will find out about your local clubs and you can also search by the activities they offer, from Taster Sessions to Beginner and Improver Courses. Find out what else they provide such as coffee shops, crèches and parking.

What’s involved in a Taster Session?

It’s a fun session that usually lasts an hour. This is your chance to learn more about golf, get to know the club, meet the coach and learn the basics such as holding the club and, of course how to hit a ball.

What’s involved in a Beginner Course?

Once you’ve tried golf we think you’ll want more. The beginner course is usually spread over four to 10 weeks. These group sessions will give you a taste of the skills you’ll need for a full round of golf. Learn at you own pace with a friendly coach.

What’s involved in an Improver Course?

It’s time to move up a level. A Improver Course will help you develop and practice skills. This will vary depending on your local club, facility and group. However, by the end you’ll feel confident enough to step out on the course.

What do I wear?

Golf is about enjoying yourself. Come as you are and wear what you like as long as you feel comfy, warm and ready to do some exercise. Trainers are fine.

Do I need to bring any equipment?

Don’t worry, equipment such as clubs and balls are usually provided for you.

Can anyone play golf?

They really can. Golf is a game for all, whatever your age, gender, fitness level or ability.

What happens after the courses?

If you’ve enjoyed golf (and we think you will), you’ll probably want to find out more about your local club and maybe book in another activity. Enquire about other opportunities at the club like lessons and playing on the course. Meet new friends and enjoy learning the game together.

Are groups mixed male and female?

There are four types of activity: Adults, Women Only, Juniors and Girls Only. Adults and Juniors are mixed groups.

Once you’ve searched by location and activity type, you’ll be able to filter the results by activity and group. That means you can choose what’s right for you.