ITV weather girl Kerrie Gosney

Kerry Gosney

ITV weather girl Kerrie Gosney is predicting sunny days ahead after enjoying an introduction to golf.

The popular presenter - a regular face on ITV Northern Regions including Granada, Border, Yorkshire and Tyne Tees - was delighted to swap the studio for a golf course to show her support for the ‘This Girl Golfs’ campaign.

Sheffield’s Kerrie was guided by former European Tour golfer and now a coach, Fame Tate, during a one-to-one lesson at Tapton Golf Club in Chesterfield, in conjunction with The Fame Golf Academy.

Kerrie, 40, said: “I’m delighted to be part of England Golf’s drive to get more women into the game through #ThisGirlGolfs which aims to challenge perceptions and inspire participation.It’s a fantastic campaign and I think any project that encourages women to ‘do’ should be celebrated.

“Golf is a sport that I had no previous experience of and one that I wouldn’t have previously considered, so to be shown the ropes by an ex-professional player was a massive honour.

“In the past golf has been perceived as a male-dominated sport and it was fascinating to speak to Fame about how the sport is developing and how it has tackled this.

“Many more women are now taking up the sport and this has been really helped by getting groups of women together so that they don’t feel intimidated or isolated.”

Kerrie added: “I would definitely encourage other women to adopt a ‘give it a go’ attitude and get behind This Girl Golfs.

“Having had just one session of golf I can already see the health benefits, both physically and mentally. You’re out and about in fresh air, it raised my heart rate, and it gave me a welcome release from the stresses of daily life.

“We are all different, so we are going to like or prefer different forms of sport or exercise, but I would say that if the opportunity is there, to give it a go and see for yourself.”

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