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Cookies are small text files placed on to your computer by web sites you visit. We use cookies to improve your experience with our web site, and to allow us to track general usage of our web site so that we can improve it over time.

The table below details the cookies used by It explains why we use each cookie, whether the cookie contain any of your personal information (they don't!) and what will happen if you choose not to allow us to use each cookie.

Cookie Cookie Name Purpose More information and Privacy information
Nemisys ARPT These are "session cookies", so called because they are deleted at the end of your browser session, in other words when you close your internet browser.

Our session cookies do not contain any of your personal information.

We use "session cookies" for the following reasons.

Our web site actually lives on several computers, not just 1. This means we can cope with lots of visitors, and also means if 1 of our computers dies the web site is still available.

We use session cookies to make sure that for any single visit to our web site you stay on the same computer. This helps us fix any bugs that crop up (because sometimes they happen on just 1 computer, not all of them at once).

It also means that we can split web forms over 2 or more pages and still keep track of your progress through the form. Don't worry - we don’t put any personal information from the form in to the cookie itself.

Disabling these cookies may mean our web site does not work for you.
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Google Analytics _utma




We use Google Analytics to understand how we can improve our web site.

These cookies do not contain any personal information.

The reports generated by Google Analytics contain aggregated, anonymous information. For example, it will tell us how many people visited our site, but not who visited our site.

It is expressly against Google's Terms of Service even to try to capture personal information.

Google Analytics cookies do not expire - they will last until you delete your cookies.

Disabling these cookies means we will think there are fewer people using our web site than there really are.
Google Analytics Privacy Policy
Google CAPTCHA Pref

These cookies are used by Google to store user preferences when viewing pages on our website with the embedded Google CAPTCHA functionality.

We use CAPTCHA on our website to prevent spam entries on our forms.

Disabling these cookies means our web site does not work for you.
Google's Privacy Policy