Golf is a great game whatever your age, background or ability

I didn’t find my match until I found golf

Georgie Bingham

Television presenter Georgie Bingham, 39, is a self-confessed ‘golfing nut’ who despite her busy working life loves nothing better than heading out on the course whatever the weather.

Best known as the host of the weekend sports breakfast on talkSPORT, she’s been playing for 13 years on and off but spent the first few hacking around pay and play courses with a set of second-hand clubs acquired in a car-boot sale. 

Then around four years ago, things became serious on the golfing front. Back in London after working on television in the US, Georgie started taking proper lessons when she met PGA professional Steve Gould at Knightsbridge Golf School through the entertainer Anton du Beke. “Once I had lessons, I started getting really hooked. The better I’ve got the better I want to get. “

“Now, I’m absolutely bonkers about golf. I have always been quite sporty but I didn’t find my match until I found golf. “

She finds golf the ultimate leveller – a sport suitable for all ages, abilities and both men and women. “What I love is that you can play with anyone whatever their standard – unlike any other sport,” she explains.   

Georgie  is currently playing off a handicap of 18, this allows her to play alongside golfers from the male-dominated world of TV sports as well as catch up for a round with friends who are just beginning the game. The same flexibility can’t be said for her other favourite sports of swimming, cycling, triathlon and tennis.

“Golf really is an antidote to what is quite a stressful job. I find it really relaxing and sociable and I never get stressed on the golf course. It’s a good chance to turn my phone off for a couple of hours and just enjoy the company of the people I am with which I don’t think we do enough of these days.”

Another attraction is the great outdoors. “I’m a country girl at heart and I play in any weather. I like being outdoors and I will pretty much play in any weather, come rain or shine, winter or summer. I like the outdoors a lot.”

Then the lure of constantly trying to improve your game and achieve a better handicap – Georgie is aiming to reduce hers to 12 over the next year or so. “I love the fact that you can never play well enough because you always want to improve and beat what you’ve achieved before. Golf is as much about playing against yourself as about playing against the people you take to the course with”

She is a member of The Foxhills Golf Club, in Surrey ,and also plays regularly with fellow members of The Stage Golf Society for golfers who work in the entertainment industry.