Is Golf for me

Is Golf for Me?

Is Golf for me?

With lots of different ways to play, here’s why golf is a great game for everybody – whatever their age, background or budget. Plus all you need to know about costs and equipment.

What is it?
Golf is a game played on a large open-air course. Participants strike a small, hard ball with a club into a series of small holes in the ground trying to use the fewest possible strokes to complete the course.The sport’s unique handicap scoring system means that people of all levels can play together either socially or competitively.

Is it for me?
Golf is a game for all, whatever your age, background, ability or disability. As well as having fun in the fresh air, playing golf helps you stay fit and look and feel well.  Golf is a great game for all the family and can be played into your twilight years, so it’s never too late to start…

Why is it for me?
Playing golf can bring some impressive health and wellbeing benefits that can help you look and feel at your best. This increasingly popular sport combines, the core ingredients that doctors recommend for optimum physical and mental health and wellbeing.

- Golf is fun - you will find it easier to make exercise enjoyable
- It does not need to take all day, playing 9 holes will only take 2 hours
- It keeps you fit - 18-hole game of golf uses at least 900 calories
- Gets you outdoors - proven way to help improve your mood, stress levels and self-esteem
- With plenty of time for conversation, golf is the perfect way to make new friends or grow closer bonds with people you already know.
- Golf can be competitive and a personal challenge- you can compete at club, county and national level.

How much does it cost?
Golf does not need to be expensive and like any other sport you can spend as little or as much as you like.

Beginner courses start from £25 for five weeks, with equipment provided through Get into golf activity finder. There are playing options, equipment and clothing to suit every budget.

What equipment will I need?
Beginners can start by simply wearing trainers and comfortable clothes – anything but shoes with a heel, however tiny, because you will need to stand flat on the ground to swing properly. Beginner courses will provide you with all the equipment you need, such as clubs and golf balls.

There is a whole range of golf clothes and equipment available for when you start playing:
- You can carry up to 14 clubs in your bag but won’t need that many when you are first learning. Instead, 3 or 5 wood and any combination of irons along with a putter is all that is needed
- Pair of comfortable golf shoes
- Balls and tees

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